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How works KIPPING's NetMan?
Import Internet Pages | Permanent Links | Displaying the Report
Import Internet Pages:


You are surfing in the Internet - like you normally do ....
You discover a page that you want to have on your local harddisk...
...what should you do..?
1.) Start KIPPING's NetMan through one of the pre-defined configurations (e.g. "import site.nmn"). They are accessible via a link on the desktop...

. . . . 

...or via the startmenu and the entry "NetMan":

.. the program will start and the main window appears:

For simplicity, the configuration is called "Test.nmn", but can be called anything. If you have questions, feel free to send
an email to  netman@kipping.com !

2.) Import the page you want:

a) either by clicking the "Import"-button:
(NetMan will try to load the page directly from the Browser - or if it can not - directly from the Internet) ...

... or ...
b) by simply dragging an address (URL) onto the "Import"-button with the mouse (Drag 'n Drop).
To import the displayed page itself - drag the address (URL) from the Address-bar of your Browser onto the "Import"-button.

3.) Now NetMan will load the page and the links within it from the Internet:

4.) After downloading the page and its files - they can be displayed by generating a Report.

If you have to load the same files repeatedly again and again - like price lists, log-files, daily news pages ... etc. - then visit the information page for permanent links .

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