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What can NetMan do for you..?
KIPPING's NetMan is an Internet-Download-Tool for :
Beside many other features NetMan allows to analyze the links included in an Internet page. Depending on their filetype (e.g. *.jpg;*.gif ...) they will be loaded or not. It's also possible to follow particular links and import them. This happens automatically in the background. If there were some pictures extracted, loaded and displayed afterwards within the "Report" - NetMan generates a SlideShow to display the pictures in a comfortable way.

The advantages from using KIPPING's NetMan are resulting in: No more clicking 50 times on the 'Back'-Button of your Browser to save some pictures. No more downloading hundreds of thumbnail-pictures. KIPPING's NetMan was first developed for users that collect pictures from the Internet - but its versatility and the permanent extension with new functions make it to an powerful DownloadManager.

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